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CF0F3AEC-97A5-4CAA-84AB-D02F1BAD90B2_1_105_c Author- Matthew Hurski

“I have always been a passionate writer and have really paid attention to not only my own headspace, but the mental health of others around me.

I know mental health issues personally and know the utter destruction that it can cause on a person and those surrounding them. I have lost many friends to suicide and watched many deteriorate from depression.

I hope to contribute to the world and help break the stigma.
This is a new endeavor for me and I am thrilled to share my mind in words with the world”


jev Author- Jev Molina

“I’m here for all of life’s fruitful moments and twists, showing up through divorce, invisible illness, mental health, and life between hemispheres and current adaptability. Follow me during both dark and joyous times through a lens of compassion and, sometimes, a little salt. So-so Jack of many trades and Master of none, I dabble in digital art, writing, painting, and cooking, dragging my fur family along for the ride.”

FB_IMG_1572805630798 Author- Sephora Wine

“Born in the fabulous 90’s I grew up in a town that is now infamous on long island. First grade  is where Matt and I met and our friendship started, thus the story of us.
We’ve seen each others highs and lows and our fair share from toxic relationships to sharing the happiest of moments together.
I am happily married with a puppy named Marley. My husband and I will soon make our trip across the country.
I hope that our experiences will help those in need and spread a little joy somewhere. “

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